Our heroes return triumphant from Autochthon, fresh from the battle with the Gremlin-ridden City-State, confident in the knowledge that Creation will be waiting for them when they return from their jaunt beyond the Great Seal.

Little do they realize that Creation has been forever changed by their journey and that they now must work to put to rest all that their actions have awoken, ancient secrets long buried in Elsewhere, small gods who now possess power far beyond their capability to control and mortals who’ve been graced with weapons and artifacts that were only ever meant for the hands of the Exalted.

Now they must move quickly, for forces have been gathering in the Underworld as well as in Creation itself, preparing to scour the North with vast armies and terrible magics and only these seven Exalts and their companions can turn the tide of the storm that is about to unleash itself upon Whitewall.