Northern Lights: Return to Whitewall

Return of Northern Lights
Campaign 2.0

Welcome back to the Solar campaign! We’re starting up again very soon, ideally either February 22nd or 23rd after the group returns from the trip to Disney World. Here is what you need to know and do before that date:

  • If you are not happy with your character from the previous campaign, you may either re-design the character or create a new one. All characters should be created using the standard starting rules for Solars with an additional 100xp after character creation. If you are making significant changes to your character or simply have questions, please let me know and we can discuss your options.
  • Please create your character here on the site. If you can add it your character’s attributes, DV’s, willpower and virtues, as well as health levels and armor under the description section, I would appreciate it.
  • At the end of the last campaign I asked you all to pick a single artifact from a list, and this will play a major part of the introduction to the new campaign. Please check the list if you are not already on there and select one:
  • Gill Cloak
  • Skin Mount Amulet
  • Hand of the Mountain — Kelly
  • Essence Twister — Mike
  • Authoritative Stamp
  • Ghost Summoning Whistle
  • The Unsurpassed Sanxian — Colin
  • Dueling Torcs — Sarah
  • Dark Rider — Tyler
  • Eye of the Living Earth
  • Let me know if the weekend of the 22nd will not work for you. I would like to have everyone present for the first session. Thanks!

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