Hands of Winter

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Hands of Winter is a Moonshadow Caste Abyssal Exalt, currently on the run from her Deathlord, the Bodhisattva. She first accompanied The Black Hand of the Triumphant Vulture as he fled the Silver Prince’s grasp, and has stayed by his side ever since—although even Black Hand is not entirely certain as to why. Hands of Winter keeps both her motives and her feelings on the subject to herself and no one has yet discovered exactly why she fled along with Black Hand in the first place.

Although she is cold and harsh when spoken to one-on-one, Hands of Winter is a gifted orator with a knack for making crowds listen to her words, whether they want to or not. Her tactics are a long-standing source of conflict, as she doesn’t much care for the fate of her listeners, but she has gotten the Circle out of more than one tight spot with her abilities and so far, no one has asked her to lay her dark powers aside for the quest to regain the light of the Unconquered Sun.

Hands of Winter

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