Eternally cockblocking unicorn


Dangus met Thuna during his initiation hunt for his tribe’s Rite of Manhood, a task where the young man in question is asked to go out and slay the first creature that he encounters, and bring back proof of it’s death so that it can be fixed as his personal totem. Since Dangus refused to kill the unicorn he came across, his Rite was never finished—however, it did endear him to the beast in question and she has refused to leave his side ever since.

Thuna is terribly innocent of most of the evils of the world, content to live in her own imagined bubble of happiness and love instead, which causes more problems than it fixes. In addition, since she has sworn to protect Dangus, she has become increasingly jealous of his time, and flat out refuses to leave him alone with anyone who could possibly change his ‘virgin’ status, which would force her away. Although she is nowhere near the brightest candle in the box, she is a loyal companion, in addition to having many powerful magics at her command, and her devotion to Dangus is unwavering—as long as he remains chaste, which is a status Thuna is more than willing to use force to protect.



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